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Tips for Natural Breast Enhancement


Tips for Natural Breast Enhancement

‘I must, I must, I must increase my bust’ are the famous words of the fictional character, Margeret Simon, hoping by an act of God, that natural breast enhancement would happen just in time for the sixth-grade dance.

Today, a growing number of women who’ve survived adolescence are still looking to boost their bosom.

Most women’s breasts are fully developed by the time they reach their 20’s. This is the set we get to keep unless we gain 100lbs or give birth and breastfeed a newborn for a period of time. Then, our breast size may fluctuate but will return to its normal shape.

Why are some women still standing in the mirror checking out their silhouettes, wishing they had just a touch more up top?

They want bigger boobs!

However, for the many women who want larger breasts, undergoing the knife is not an option. Natural breast enhancement is the way to go.

Why Women Want Fuller Breasts

30 percent of women are satisfied with their breasts, while 38 percent desire larger breasts.

More than 300,378 women have breasts implants.

That’s about one in 25-26 women who undergo the knife to augment their bust, which is at least one mom at the PTA meeting, two moms at the soccer game, and three or four moms at the junior varsity football game.

Breast dissatisfaction is not an attribute of celebrity. Women from all walks of life want to like their bodies – their breasts, mostly.

Surgery is one fix. Nonetheless, enhancing the breast naturally is a safer solution to fuller breasts.

What Is Natural Breast Enhancement?

Natural breast enhancement is a method of combining natural ingredients into cream or pill form. The end goal is to help women get a fuller bust. It’s non-surgical and effective.

Women who’ve undergone surgery are removing their implants because of the risks involved.

For the other 62 to 70 percent of women who’ve avoided surgery but still want fuller bosoms, there are plenty of options.

1. Use Breast Creams

Breast enlargement cream is designed to increase cell growth in breast tissue, enhancing the size of the bosom. It requires application through massage.

Massage is an added benefit to natural breast enhancement as it’s naturally stimulating and less stressful than surgery.

Creams also help balance hormones, leading to better health.

2. Dietary Supplements

Breast enhancement pills contain ingredients like ginseng, black cohosh, dong quai, and fennel seed, all which provide natural stimulation to the breast tissue.

Dietary supplements don’t change the shape of your breasts but do make natural enhancement possible.

3. Firming Breast Gel

Firming gels are similar to creams but are enhanced with natural botanicals that lift and firm your breasts.

Some stimulate lipogenesis in the breast area, causing fat cells to grow in quantity and volume in the breast. This leads to more appealing curves.

4. Exercise

Building stronger muscles is the key to building stronger bodies. Breasts are no exception.

Irregular weight gain and weight loss affect the size and health of women’s breasts.

Too much fatty tissue in the breast causes it to droop in appearance. Not enough healthy tissue in the breast causes women to be more flat-chested.

Lean muscle is the key.

Weight training is a safe and effective way to build bigger, stronger muscles in the chest, increasing bust size naturally. Grab two 10-pound dumbells and get moving!

5. Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras elevate women’s breasts above the bust line, giving them a larger appearance. They’re also inexpensive.

Buy a push-up bra in a smaller size than you normally wear. Your breasts will look at least two sizes bigger.

6. Full-Body Massage

A full-body massage stimulates and relaxes the body.

The massage offered at wellness centers does not involve the breasts, so you’ll have to get a partner for this. If you can’t find one, do your best to find a quiet spot and go at it alone.

Relaxation and stimulation provide psychological and physical benefits to your body, including the breast tissue.

7. Check the Physical Health of Your Breasts

Naturally enhancing the size of your breasts is no small matter. What happens to our bodies externally is a response to what’s happening internally.

Check in with a specialist to make sure your breasts are healthy. Get your hormones tested as well. Hormone levels affect everything in your body, including breast size.

8. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat your vegetables! We’ve all heard this as a child. Our parents were right.

Not only should we eat our veggies, but we also need to eat fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats.

An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away. Fruits like apples, in conjunction with other whole foods, help regulate estrogen and testosterone levels in women. These hormones improve breast health at a cellular level.

Healthy breast cells assist in natural breast enhancement. Plus, a balanced diet will improve your health and well-being.

9. Up Your Fashion Game

It’s all about the clothes – especially when it comes to our breasts.

Women with smaller bosoms may consider wearing lower-cut blouses and tops with designs that stretch across the bust area. Lower-cut blouses fall on the top contour of the breast. When worn with a push-up bra, your breasts will appear larger.

Designs across the front of a top also make breasts appear fuller, offering a natural enhancement.

10. Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements make up what we are lacking in our bodies. Vitamin D, which is found in most over-the-counter vitamins, plays a vital role in breast health.

This nutrient is found in milk, eggs, organ meats, fish, and almonds. However, sunlight is the most effective source of vitamin D.

If the female body lacks vitamin D, improper breast health will make it almost impossible to naturally enhance breast size. Take your vitamins!


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